211 Whiteman St. Floor 2
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

︎ Art Lab Studio 
︎ Hours:
      3-8 PM (Tues – Fri) 
      1-6 PM (Sat & Sun)
︎ (201) 973-4926
︎ hello@artlabstudio.org
︎ @art.lab.studio

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Art Lab Studio is a contemporary art, design, and portfolio prep studio dedicated to cultivating individuality, collaboration, and success in visual arts.

Our art lab is open for all stages in creativity, so feel free to stop by during studio hours! 
Mission Philosophy      

We believe that every individual is unique and thus, every individual’s art ought to reflect one’s own uniqueness.

We practice this belief through our own multidisciplinary practice, which touches on exhibition work, print, illustration, typography, brand identity, film/video, digital, and cultural studies.

Teaching Philosophy      

Our principles extend into our class instructions as we encourage student individuality, while maintaining the highest standard of artistic excellence.

Whether you are looking to develop an art portfolio for college/university admissions or simply wish to take your artistic creativity to the next level, we believe there is no substitute for genuine expression.

Through a personalized program designed specifically for each student, practioners will leave Art Lab Studio with confidence in their own technical and creative abilities. 

Studio Founding Directors      

For over 16 years, our chief director, Dan Park, has accrued invaluable knowledge of the application process leading to countless acceptances to top colleges/ IVY League universities, millions of dollars in scholarship awards, and most importantly: passionate students eager for the future. Dan is also an active artist who has worked for a variety of clients whose projects range from album covers, editorial spots, to commercial advertisements. 

Kayla Jang is a visual artist/design director. She currently collaborates with multiple design and advertising agencies while pursuing her own fine art expressions. Prior to co-founding the studio, Kayla has collaborated with leading firms in NYC including Pentagram Design, New York Times, R/GA, VSA Partners, Mother, etc. as a lead designer in brand identity, environmental graphics, digital, and film/video campaigns.