Art Portfolios are required as the main factor in the admissions process for art colleges and art majors in universities. Ranging from around 12-20 pieces, Art Portfolios are meant to demonstrate an applicant’s observational skills and creative potential in any given major.

Art Portfolios may be utilized as supplements for non-art major universities. Rather than focusing on technical aptitude, each artwork serves as a visual essay about the applicant’s inner thoughts that appeal to admissions boards beyond GPA, SAT, and other extracurricular activities. 


Our students have access to multiple disciplines and media according to their specific goals/needs including:

- figure drawing
- water color
- charcoal/graphite
- ink
- acrylic painting
- oil painting
- pastel
- sculpture
- printmaking
- installation
- film/video
- digital painting
- typography


The Admissions Board of nearly all schools is interested in an applicant’s general ability, personal process, and potential to succeed within the school’s curriculum.

With that in mind, a general Art Portfolio may slightly lean towards a specific major if a special appeal is necessary. Some of these majors include:

- Industrial (Product) Design
- Interior Design
- Architecture
- Furniture Design
- Jewelry Design
- Fashion Design
- Textiles
- Fine Arts
- Graphic Design
- Advertising
- Illustration
- Photography
- Film/Video
- Animation 2D/3D
- Entertainment Design
- Environmental Design
- Transportation Design