Classes /

For our general practioners, our classes may be utilized to fit specific projects and personal goals. Through guided classes on any given field, you can join us to develop and execute your own creative vision, while exploring countless possibilites.

Come visit us during our studio hours.


Our students have access to all forms of media and disciplines according to their specific goals/needs including:

- figure drawing
- water color
- charcoal/pencil
- ink
- collage
- assemblage
- acrylic painting
- oil painting
- pastel
- sculpture
- printmaking
- installation
- film/video
- digital painting
- typography

Classes / Workshops       

In addition to individual classes, we frequently hold focused workshops intended for exploration into new skillsets. When combined, these workshops can serve as a foundational course to build technical and conceptual proficiency. Some of our workshops include:

- Composition Exploration
- Incorporating Artistic Movements
- Sketching from the Mind
- Observational Drawing
- Observational Painting
- Portrait Drawing
- Portrait Painting
- Mixed Media Freedom
- Type as Form

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